100% Human Hair 3 Bundles 16 18 20 inch Weave Hair Human Bundles Natural Color 1B#

So far, this hair is amazing. I am beyond hair bougie so I was skeptical about it. I have already purchased hair that cost $80+/bundle. Since the weather is changing, I decided I wanted something that my beautician could cut/layer because I refused to let her cut that expensive hair!!!

Needless to say, this hair was amazing. I didn’t want to tell her how cheap it was either until she finished it because I wanted her honest opinion. She said she was surprised!!!. This hair took heat, this hair curled, it flat ironed, the whole nine, and is extremely soft and silky. I also bleached it. Now I am just waiting a few weeks to see if it tangles or not and then I will do another update.

Also WASH YOUR HAIR BEFORE USING IT, let it hang dry for the most part then dry it once it gets installed in your head, and treat it like it’s your own.

I purchased the 18” closure and three bundles (12”, 14”, and 16”.)

And remember to be gentle with the closure, really any closures, because that will eventually give you bald spots.

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