Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave Hair Weave

When I tell you this hair does not shed or tangle I am telling you the truth! I color this hair extensions uk each time with great results! Tip: I do not bleach this hair. I use box color (many of them have a color booster packet to mix with the hair color. Bleaching all the expensive hair I have bought in the past, I find it makes the hair harsh and dry looking. I make stocking cap wigs so I can take it off each night. I shampoo my hair every weekend. I sometimes do a wet set or let it air dry and add some curls or not.

Since I don’t wear the hair black I don’t know how much of the curl pattern remains after being shampooed. Of course when you color it, the hair will become straight for the most part because you are massaging it to work the color in. However, when the hair is shampooed and air dried it still has a nice wave pattern, not as deep as out of the package but you don’t have to do anything to it if you don’t want to. The hair stays soft and healthy looking. Every now and then I add a dab of hair polisher for a little extra sheen or a little spritz to hold in place on windy days.

The hair was full, soft, a little short for 10 inches, but still some good hair. I loved how full the bundles were, and how soft the hair was, I haven’t installed the virgin hair wave yet, but I know once I do I will love the results. There was a little smell but once I washed the hair and it smelled great afterwards.

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