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Hair was soft and shiney. They are thin extensions, not good to add length, but good for those with very fine, thin hair like mine to add fullness, if you’re able to actually hide the tracks. The platinum isn’t actually platinum. They were more of a yellow blonde and had pieces of red and black strands mixed in. I rebleached and used purple shampoo and they look much more platinum. I also had to sit and individually cut out the strands of black and red that wouldn’t bleach. After that they looked good. I wish I could place them higher, but my hair isn’t thick enough to hide the tracks. For those with hair like mine, if you want fullness at the top, tape-ins are probably easier to hide and will be better. I should’ve gotten those.

My hair doesn’t grow all I’ve tried supplements all kinds of things well I’ve also done micro bead hair extensions I’ve done keratin glue hair extensions and I always look like a chemo patient once the extensions have to come out or I have to color my roots which is quite often being on 43 these clip-in hair extensions are long and beautiful the hair quality is amazing I can take them in and out for work or for going out I can color them wash them dry them curl them or straighten them so I am going to take a picture of hair extensions that I wear everyday that I ordered in March and you look at the quality of this hair and how good it looks

I LOVE these human hair extensions! I have never tried hair extensions before and always thought you had to pay a fortune for good quality. I am so happy with the quality of these. The color is a perfect match for my hair and you really cannot tell they are extensions. It would have been good if they came with instructions. It may sound silly but I didn’t know how to work the clips until I found some YouTube videos on how to use real hair extensions. They worked so much better after I learned that they snap open and close down on your hair! I also wish I could curl them, as shown in the picture. They don’t seem to hold a curl no matter what I try (curling iron, rollers, etc.). I definitely recommend you give these a try if you’re looking for an affordable and good quality hair extension.

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